How to Entertain in Your Apartment

Yes, your apartment at Aura Seaside is spacious and provides plenty of space for you; however, it can be tricky to throw a party in any apartment despite the size. We have developed a list of tricks that we have found along the way that make throwing a holiday party or just entertaining friends much easier.

  1. Prepare the space for the number of guests who will be attending: Arrange your furniture based on who is attending and how many people are coming. If your bedrooms are off limits, take advantage of that space to store any items that may be in the way of your party.
  2. Label your cabinets: This may sound like a silly idea, but if you were to store plates, glasses, and silverware on the countertops, you would be taking up valuable space for food, party favors, and beverages. “Get your glasses here” on the cabinet to the left of the sink will prevent you from being the Dish-GPS for the evening and save valuable space.
  3. Set up multiple refreshment tables: Not only with this simple step help control the traffic, it will also allow your guests to mingle and create conversation.
  4. Put Ice in the Sink: Fill your sink with ice and use it like an unconventional ice-chest so traditional ice-chests won’t have to take up valuable party space.
  5. Line the edge of the trashcan with extra trash bags: This is simple and will save time in the long run. It may also encourage your party guests to help take out the trash.

Get creative and come up with additional tricks to save your space like utilizing vertical space and adding wall décor for decoration instead of adding more stuff to the party space. Entertaining can be a ton of fun when creativity is involved. Don’t forget to be mindful of your neighbors!

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