Colorful Plants | Apartments for Rent near Boynton Beach, FL

Spring is here at Aura Seaside! Our apartments for rent near Boynton Beach, FL are the perfect place to start your indoor garden. Brighten your home with these colorful plants that are great for the season and will do well inside.


Native to Madagascar, the Kalanchoe is a flowering succulent that will bring so much life and color into your home this spring. This species was one of the first plants to be sent to space by the Soviet Union, so it has a fun history. The have little bright flowers on their petals that open in clusters and can be orange, red, pink, yellow or even two-toned. New Kalanchoe plants can be quickly growing from cuttings, so you can scatter pots of them all over your home. Just make sure to water frequently and provide bright light to the Kalanchoe.

Dwarf Azalea

This plant will bloom from late winter through early summer, so it should thrive in the springtime. The Dwarf Azalea is a beautiful shrub plant with small leaves and flowers that range in color from white to red. They prefer cooler temperatures but can tolerate from near freezing to 90 degrees F. Their soil needs to remain moist and they need at least six hours of indirect sunlight every day when blooming. The Dwarf Azalea is sure to be the centerpiece of your home!

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen is a popular indoor plant because of its ease when it comes to care. This plant is perfect for those who might prefer less color and more greenery in their home. The leaves are green with reddish-pink splotches in the center or around the borders. They come in so many varieties! It’s even on NASA’s list as of one of the top 10 air-purifying plants. Keep them in a warmer and somewhat humid space in medium to low indirect light, and let their soil dry before watering again. Well-draining soil will help with this. Fertilize twice a year and watch your Chinese Evergreen bloom throughout spring!

Your home at Aura Seaside will be bursting with lively colors this spring with these indoor plants. Contact us to find your new home at our apartments for rent near Boynton Beach, FL!