Date Night Ideas | Apartments for Rent in Lantana

At Aura Seaside, our residents can come home to an updated space that is ideal for every lifestyle. During these uncertain times, it can be difficult to find new ways to spend date night that will mix up your usual ideas. We’ve gathered a few ways that you can spend date night at our apartments for rent in Lantana that are sure to keep you entertained and bring you closer to your significant other. View our date night ideas and make the most out of this time at Aura Seaside!

#1 Have a Cook Off

If you’re looking to spend an evening enjoying a meal with your significant other, you can mix it up and instead of ordering something or having one person craft the meal, you can have a cook off. You can make it a “Chopped” style competition and use the same base ingredients and see who creates the best appetizer, entrée, and dessert. This is the perfect way to test your cooking skills and spend time with your partner in a new environment. You can even make it to where the winner doesn’t have to do the dishes after! Having a cook off will test your skills and allow you to spend quality time with your significant other.

#2 Have a Game Night

Whether you have a competitive side or you have a vast board game collection, having a game night with your significant other offers the perfect way to spend your next date night. You can spend the evening playing your favorite games and challenging each other to see who the best is. If you don’t have a collection of board games, you can always play virtual games, or just use a deck of cards to play. Having a game night will allow you to spend time with your partner and see their competitive side.

#3 Have a Movie Night

Of course, the quintessential date night is a movie night, but since many theaters are still closed, you can turn it into a movie night at home. You can watch a new movie that has been released onto the streaming platforms, or you can watch one of your favorites. You and your partner can both choose something to watch and all you’ll need after that is some snacks and your favorite cozy clothes. You can even take it a step further and get a real theater experience and invest in a projector.

Come home to our apartments for rent in Lantana and spend your next date night getting to know your significant other. Contact us today for more information about Aura Seaside today!