Decorating with Candle Jars

Aura Seaside’s apartments in Lantana, FL feature elegant details throughout each home, like granite counters, wood-style flooring, and decorative lighting.  Now, it’s time to build on our impeccably interior designs and add personal touches to make your apartment your home. A unique and subtle way to decorate is to reuse candle jars. Here are some ideas on how to recycle your glass candle jars after getting rid of their residual wax.

#1 Vase

Tall jar or pillar candle holders are perfect to use as a vase. While a large bouquet of flowers may not fit, you can still place a small handful of flowers for a pop of color and freshness. If you love floral scented candles, you may be able to match fresh flowers with a candle holder that has the flower’s name or picture on the label.

#2 Vanity Organizer

Smaller or more shallow candle jars can be used to help organize your vanity. Store your lipstick, Q-tips, and cotton balls in separate jars for ultimate form and function. You can even store makeup brushes in taller jars.

#3 Planters

Medium and small candle jars are perfect for planting small succulents! It’s always a good idea to have indoor plants, especially ones that are low maintenance. Succulents require little water and sunlight. Not to mention, they are very popular plants and on trend for decoration!

#4 Craft Storage

If you’re creative and crafty, you may want to consider reusing candle jars to store craft supplies. Markers, colored pencils, and other coloring and writing utensils can be placed in candle jars for easy access on your desk. Smaller supplies can be hard to keep up with. Simply store them in a candle jar with a lid to keep them in one, centralized place.

Aura Seaside features beautiful Lantana apartments in a desirable seaside location. Schedule a visit to Aura Seaside today!