Resolution Alternatives | Seaside Apartments for Rent

The New Year is here at Aura Seaside and now is the time to get ready to embrace the change and get ready for all that the year has to hold. New Year’s resolutions are a usual tradition for the beginning of the year but they can often be monotonous and difficult to stick to. There are several alternatives to resolutions that are easier to keep up with and will allow you to focus on more than one area of growth. View our resolution alternatives and start your new year on the right foot at our Seaside apartments for rent!

#1 Make a Vision Board

Vision boards have recently come into popularity and they focus more on the manifestation of things that you would like to happen, whether in the next year or later in the future. Vision boards allow you to embrace your creativity and can double as décor in your home. You can cut out photos or sayings from magazines, print off photos, or incorporate whatever type of imagery that you would like into the board. The philosophy is that if you put it onto the board, you are speaking it into existence and it will help you better focus on what you are wanting to accomplish.

#2 Pick a Word for the Year

While resolution lists may consist of goals that you want to reach, picking a word for the year will allow you to expand want you wish to do and improve your outlook on life. You can choose any word that you wish to embody, like “consistent,” “intentional,” or “compassion” that you think will improve how you go about things in your life from relationships with others to how you view yourself. By picking a word for the year, you can use it during difficult situations and let it guide you in navigating the situations.

#3 Make a Bucket List

Another route that you can take besides a list of resolutions is to make a bucket list. Most are familiar with these lists that consist of things that you want to do in your life. Instead of making a list of resolutions for the year, you can create a bucket list for the year of places you want to see, experiences you want to have, or anything else that comes to mind. Your bucket list can be as detailed or as simple as you would like and it allows you to focus on what you really want to do.

With these alternatives to New Year’s resolutions, you can focus on bettering yourself and getting the most out of the year at our Seaside apartments for rent. Come home to Aura Seaside and contact us today for more information!