Travel Essentials | Lantana Apartments

At Aura Seaside, our residents will have access to all that they need for a life of luxury and ease. The holiday season is quickly approaching and that means that many will be traveling to visit friends and family members. With the busiest travel season upon us, now is the perfect time to start gathering your travel essentials and making sure that you have everything that you need. View our travel essentials guide here and find your new home at our Lantana apartments!

Outlet Adapter

If you’re traveling out of the country then this travel outlet adapter is a must. Many foreign countries utilize different outlets than the United States and this adapter will allow you to easily plug in your electronics without having to find all new chargers and cords. It features four of the most commonly used ports and it even snaps together so you can easily store it in any of your bags and it will be easy to find all of the ports at once. Get ready for traveling out of the country and stay connected with this outlet adapter.

Support Pillow

There is nothing worse than being stuck on an uncomfortable airplane ride or being stuck with all of the bags in the back of the car. This support pillow features a contoured design that will easily adapt to the curves of your head and the strap will keep it stable and attached to the head rest of the plane or car. The soft memory foam provides your head with full support while still ensuring that you are comfortable as you rest during your travel. With this support pillow, you can stay comfortable during your travel and avoid neck pains that come with traveling.

Packing Cubes

Keep your things in your suitcase organized with these packing cubes. This pack features a set of three that come in all different sizes so you can easily store away your tops, pants, and other items and find them quickly and efficiently whenever you arrive at your destination. These packs are designed to fit into your checked suitcases and the zipper closure ensures that everything stays in place as your travel. Stay organized on your next trip with these packing cubes!

Make the most out of your travels and stay cozy and comfortable along the way with these travel essentials. Find the best place to call home at our Lantana apartments and contact us today for more information about Aura Seaside!